Anna Ijjas: “Cosmology at the Crossroads”

Hi Everybody,

Anna Ijjas will be giving our first talk of the semester this coming Monday, March 3rd. The talk will be held from 4:10-6:00pm at Room 201D, Philosophy Hall (Columbia University). The abstract for her talk is below. Hope to see you all on Monday!


“Cosmology at the Crossroads”
Anna Ijjas, Princeton University 
Thirty years of inflation have greatly changed modern cosmological thinking. Most importantly, inflation provides a paradigm for the generation of primordial density fluctuations seeding the structure of our universe, by stretching quantum fluctuations to cosmological distances. However, the physics governing the evolution of the very early universe before nucleosynthesis remains a challenge for modern theoretical cosmology. In this talk, I will begin by reviewing inflationary cosmology and discussing the reasons why most cosmologists today consider it to be the leading paradigm. Then, I will turn to the flaws of inflationary thinking and present possible ways out.
There will be a dinner after the talk. Only the speaker’s dinner will be covered, but anybody is welcome. If you are interested, please email as soon as possible so that we can make the reservation for the appropriate number of people. If you have any other questions, please email
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