Tiziana Vistarini: “The Significance of the Conformal Symmetry of String Theory”

Tiziana Vistarini (Rutgers University) will be giving a talk entitled “The Significance of Conformal Symmetry of String Theory” on Wednesday, April 23rd. The talk will be held from 4:10-6:00pm in Room 306, 194 Mercer Street (NYU Campus) (note that this is not the NYU Philosophy Building). The abstract for her talk is below. Hope to see you all on Wednesday!
The Significance of the Conformal Symmetry of String Theory”
Tiziana Vistarini, Rutgers University

This talk summarizes the work I have been developing about the significance of conformal symmetry of string theory. I argue that this principle of  invariance is not a purely formal requirement as restoring it in quantized string theory has profound consequences that could not be obtained in the presence of a conformal anomaly.

Conformal symmetry  has a crucial role in explaining how general relativity can be “derived ” from quantum string theory. Indeed,  quantum string theory admits emergent general relativistic spacetime by virtue of conformal symmetry. The emergence involved here is not simply in the sense that spin 2-particles – as gravitons are supposed to be – can be found in the theory, but in the strong sense that the coherent states of the corresponding field obey the Einstein field equations – they really are the gravitational field. And the physical significance of this derivation rescues string theory from the charge of being empirically incoherent.
There will be a dinner after the talk. Only the speaker’s dinner will be covered, but anybody is welcome. If you are interested, please email nyphilsci@gmail.com as soon as possible so that we can make the reservation for the appropriate number of people. If you have any other questions, please email nyphilsci@gmail.com
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