Scientism Workshop at CUNY Graduate Center May 16-17

Hi Everybody,

Massimo Pigliucci asked me to pass along this announcement for a workshop on Scientism taking place at the CUNY Graduate Center on May 16-17. The description is below; the official announcement is attached. If you’d like to attend the proceedings (limited seating available), please RSVP no later than May 1st. 
Science is one of the marvels of the human intellect, but nowadays one often hears about a sin called “scientism.”
There is no agreed upon definition of the term, but as a first approximation, it describes an exaggerated deference towards science, or unwarranted belief in the superiority and universal applicability of scientific methods. This symposium aims at exploring the concept of scientism, asking whether the term captures an interesting intellectual position, and whether it is something to worry about. Given the ubiquitous usage of the term “scientism,” in a wide variety of contrasting contexts, we think a philosophical discussions of the concept is long overdue. 
Invited Speakers
Maarten Boudry (Ghent)
Carol Cleland (Colorado-Boulder)
Taner Edis (Truman State)
Noretta Koertge (Indiana)
Thomas Nickles (Nevada-Reno)
Rik Peels (Utrecht)
Massimo Pigliucci (CUNY-City)
Don Ross (Cape Town)
Mariam Thalos (Utah) 
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