Elise Crull: “Why We Can’t Have Nice Things: Metaphysics and Quantum Decoherence”

Elise Crull will be giving a talk on metaphysics and decoherence that may be of interest to many members of the group. Her talk will be Thursday Nov 13th, 12:30-2pm at City College’s North Academic Center (138th & Amsterdam), Room 5/144. The abstract for her talk is below.
“Why We Can’t Have Nice Things: Metaphysics and Quantum Decoherence” 
Elise Crull (City College, CUNY)
Though the universality of entanglement has long been known to physicists, the apparent “classicality” of objects treated within traditional ontologies has prevented philosophers from taking the implications of widespread entanglement to heart.  Decoherence is a physical process resulting from entanglement that explains the appearance of a classical world despite underlying quantum dynamics.  Not only does decoherence explain whence the perception of nice, classical things in a quantum world, but it further demonstrates the impossibility of carving, jointing, or partitioning such a world in an ontologically meaningful way.
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