MAPS Schedule: Fall 2022 and Spring 2023

For those interested, here is the schedule for the rest of the Fall 2022 semester and Spring 2023 semester. All the talks will happen between 4:30pm and 6:30pm EST unless stated otherwise.

Elise Crull (CUNY Grad Center)
Tuesday Oct 18 2022
Hierarchy is Malarkey: Flat Ontologies from Quantum Physics 

Christian Wuthrich (Geneva)
Tuesday Nov 15 2022
Laws Beyond Spacetime

Walter Ott (University of Virginia)
Tuesday Dec 6 2022

Armin Schulz (University of Kansas)
Tuesday Jan 24 2023

Glenn Shafer (Rutgers University)
Tuesday Feb 14 2023

Sean Carroll (Johns Hopkins)
Tuesday Feb 28 2023

Kareem Khalifa (Middlebury College)
Tuesday Mar 21 2023

Any updates on the schedule, as well as information about the talks will be announced through the MAPS mailing list. To be added to the mailing list please message Diego Arana ( and Barry Loewer (

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