Free Will: Implications from Physics and Metaphysics (Video Recordings)

The Following links contain the video recordings from the Free Will: Implications from Physics and Metaphysics Workshop:

Day 1 (5/11/2022)


0:00 Ginet’s Principle: Our freedom is the freedom to add to the given past (Peter van Inwagen)

1:30:06 Causation, Entailment and Freedom (John Perry)

2:57:02 Freedom from the Quantum? (Valia Allori*)

4:00:28 Free will: Back to Reichenbach (Carlo Rovelli*)

Day 2, Part 1 (5/12/2022)


0:00 Why We can’t Change the Past (Kadri Vihvelin)

1:31:28 The Consequence Argument Meets the Mentaculus (Barry Loewer)

Day 2, Part 2 (5/12/2022)


0:00 Top-Down and Indeterministic Agency: Why? (Tim O’Connor*)

1:30:00 Two Routes to the Emergence of Free Will (Jessica Wilson*)

*Due to technical difficulties, the first few minutes of these talks could not be recorded.

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